Sunday, September 30, 2012

Skill Endorsements (aka, LinkedIn Meets Pinterest)

LinkedIn recently launched a few feature, giving you the ability to click to endorse your connections' skills and expertise. 

Instructions on how to endorse your connections' skills and expertise can be found here:

I first discovered this after receiving notification from LinkedIn that I had a few skills endorsed by my connections. I have to admit that I've added some skills and expertise to my profile, but thought it existed primarily to help my own personal / professional SEO efforts only. LinkedIn finally figured out a way to make this section useful. 

My first time accessing the "Skills & Expertise" to endorse my connections was somewhat addicting. I did this on my iPad and simply clicked to "refresh" and selected connections along the way to endorse. One click to "refresh" then hovered over and clicked any that I wanted to endorse, and repeat. 
Let's Connect on LinkedIn

Twenty minutes and probably 50 endorsements later, I have to admit I was hooked. It reminded me of the same feeling I get when surfing through my friends pins and the "popular" set of pins on Pinterest

Nicely played, LinkedIn. 

You can only do this with first level connections, and it reminds me a bit of the "recommendations" on LinkedIn, but only a fraction of the effort is involved. I know that for me, I'm not going to endorse everyone. But I will be more willing to endorse vs. recommend since the latter is more time consuming. 

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