Monday, October 10, 2011

Are You On LinkedIn? Ask This and Grow Your Network

A really simple technique I use in my daily activities is to get into the habit of asking people that I meet, "Are You On LinkedIn?"

By asking this, you will typically get one of three responses. 

  1. Yes. 
  2. Not yet, but I've been meaning to get around to it. 
  3. No. What's LinkedIn?

If they respond "yes," that's your opportunity to exchange business cards and mention that you'll send them an invitation to connect. 

If they respond "no," tell them it's a great way to stay connected and to build their professional network, as you never know where the future may lead. 

If they respond "No. What's LinkedIn?" and they are over the age of 18, walk away slowly. Chances are they have been living under a rock and you're just going to confuse them. Just kidding. (well, maybe I'm a tiny bit serious)

See this? Ask: "Are You On LinkedIn?"
My visual reminder of this question "Are You On LinkedIn?" is when I offer or receive a business card. That's my prompt to ask the question, and to demonstrate how I value a connection to this person, and how I plan to do something with their business card. 

When I send the invitation, I always make a point to personalize my invitation (read more here about why it is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT to personalize your invitation). Then, I will also review their profile to view their professional summary and see if there is anything interesting to note.

This tip alone will help you to continue to grow your network over time. Like this suggestion? Send me an invitation to connect on LinkedIn: