Tuesday, November 26, 2013

CHEESE (your LinkedIn profile photo)

Your LinkedIn Profile Photo:
very important!
I'm not sure what the exact statistic is, but my guess is that the majority of LinkedIn users who do NOT have a profile photo are having a really hard time getting their invitations accepted. Like it or not, people want to see faces of their LinkedIn connections. I know that personally, one of the considerations for me on whether or not I'll accept an invite from an unknown person is their profile photo, or lack thereof.

When it comes to your Linkedin profile photograph, I always recommend:

  • YES, include a photo on your LinkedIn profile.
  • YES, make it viewable by public.
  • Pleasant and smiling
  • Head and shoulders only
  • Professional attire
  • Clean background
  • NOT: summer vacation picture, group picture, avatar of something scenic instead of your face, sunglasses, angry grimace, etc.

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Hopefully this blog post makes you rethink your position on the ever-powerful LinkedIn profile photograph. What do you think?

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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

LinkedIn for Executives: How Do You Stack Up?

If you're an executive using LinkedIn, chances are you have unique challenges and unique needs compared to the average working professional.

How do you stack up against these items? Give yourself one point* for every "YES." Subtract one point if you answered "YES" to items 6 or 19.
  1. I’m on LinkedIn
  2. I know why I’m on LinkedIn
  3. I’ve completed my LinkedIn profile
    Don't use a "selfie" as your
    LinkedIn profile photo. 
  4. I review and update my LinkedIn profile once per quarter
  5. I personalize invitations to connect
  6. I accept all invitations
  7. I know what to do with invites from people I don’t know
  8. I hide my connections
  9. I know how to modify my profile settings…
  10. … when I make updates, so my network does not see the edits as I make them
  11. … if I want to privately view a profile
  12. My company is on LinkedIn (company page)
  13. My professional summary on LinkedIn mirrors my professional bio
  14. My photo on LinkedIn is a professional headshot (NOT a “selfie”)
  15. I know how to access LinkedIn HELP
  16. I am aware of the value of LinkedIn groups
  17. I participate in group discussions (post or read)
  18. I review my LinkedIn homefeed weekly
  19. My assistant manages my LinkedIn for me
  20. If I have multiple emails that I use professionally (work, gmail, etc.), they are all linked to my LinkedIn account
  21. I have only one LinkedIn profile
  22. I’ve looked at my peers’ profiles on LinkedIn
  23. I’ve looked at competitors’ company pages on LinkedIn
  24. I know how to modify what displays on my public profile
  25. I've added my board affiliations to my LinkedIn profile
  26. Use a professional photo for your
    LinkedIn profile photo.
  27. I am connected with Brenda Meller on LinkedIn

This is just a sampling of common concerns that executives face when working with LinkedIn. In the next few months, I'll be blogging an explanation for each topic and provide instructions on each when applicable.

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