Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Long Form Posts on Linkedin

Do you have access to long-form posts on LinkedIn yet? I noticed this featured added to my LinkedIn profile in early 2014, and the feature is continuing to gain popularity.
  • LinkedIn started rolling this out in May. They stated it's going to a small group first, but that everyone will eventually have the ability for long posts.
  • Long posts are not the same as the LinkedIn Influencer posts. So don't get excited like me when you see the feature.
  • If you have access to long-form posts, you are awesome. Well, LinkedIn didn't say this part exactly, but I came to that conclusion. Because I think you're pretty special. I'm sure eventually they will update their explanation of long-form post and publicly announce that all LinkedIn members using this feature are awesome.
Do you have the long form post? Are you awesome? Comment here and let me know.