Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Location, Location, Location: Events on LinkedIn

When it comes to starting a business, they say the three most important things are location, location, location. In the world of virtual and in-person networking, this "location" applies to where you are, where people can find you, and where you need to go to make new connections.
Today's 15 Minutes on LinkedIn will focus on the "Events" section on LinkedIn. So let's get started.

1. Get out your timer and set it for 15 minutes.

2. Log into your LinkedIn account and click "More" then select "Events." If you don't have "Events" in your dropdown menu yet, it's probably because you have not used this module yet. The easiest way I've found to add this in is to do the following:
2a: Click "More"
2b: Click "Application Directory"
2c: Select "Events" by clicking it and follow the instructions to install on your profile.

3. Search for events. Start by looking at events that your connections are attending. Like attracts like, so if you want to meet people who are connected to a specific industry, attend their events. Plus, many events advertised on LinkedIn are free to attend.

4. Find a few events to attend in the coming month and RSVP via the event page on LinkedIn. This helps the event organizer to gauge attendance and it also lists the event on your profile. That's good to help create visibility of the types of events that you are interested in attending.

That's it! Your timer will be beeping away in no time.

Brenda Meller

ps - Not familiar with Events on LinkedIn? Here's what LinkedIn offers as an overview:
What is LinkedIn Events?

LinkedIn Events allows you to see what events your LinkedIn network is attending and allows you to find events recommended to you based on your industry and job function. LinkedIn Events features allow you to:

1. Search for conferences.
2. Post important conferences to your profile.
3. Promote a conference.
4. See who will be attending a conference.
5. Show when you are presenting or an exhibitor.
6. Invite other contacts to attend.
7. Send a Network update out to your network telling them you will be attending a conference.


  1. Brenda:

    Thank you for your suggestion for inputting various dates to my profile. I appreciate all you have offered to make my life easier.

    Linda Highberg