Thursday, July 26, 2012

Six Powerful Anti-LinkedIn Tips

For the Anti-LinkedIn LinkedIn User
"For the Anti-LinkedIn LinkedIn User."
Brenda Meller
Quite often I'm asked for tips on stuff that people want to avoid on LinkedIn, or how to disable a feature or prevent certain people or information from being viewed. Here are six helpful Anti-LinkedIn Tips (i.e., techniques that can limit or prevent activity). 

Follow the links to the step-by-step instructions courtesy of LinkedIn. :)

1. Prevent Your First Level Connections from Viewing your Other First Level Connections
Maybe you're a CEO or HR manager who wishes to use LinkedIn as a virtual Rolodex, but you don't want salespeople to harvest those golden connections. Sorry, it's an all-or-nothing feature (you can't selectively hide connections, says LinkedIn). 

2. Block People From Viewing Your LinkedIn Profile
Maybe you don't want your boss to see your stepped up LinkedIn activity. Or you've got an internet stalker (egad!). Follow these instructions to make your profile more private. Unfortunately you can't block individual users from viewing your profile. 

3. Stop Those Annoying Group Email Notifications
If you're like me, you've joined multiple groups and you're inundated with emails. Follow this link to tell LinkedIn how frequently to send you group emails or prevent them entirely.

4. Delete a Duplicate Account (and merge your contacts)
I was surprised to find this listed in LinkedIn help. In the past, you had to figure this out on your own. 

5. Disconnect From Connections
Maybe your LinkedIn efforts have helped you snag that dream job, and you no longer wish to be connected to your old boss. Go ahead and disconnect. They won't receive any notification.

6. Close Your LinkedIn Account
If you're finding no value in LinkedIn, yes you can shut down your account. I'd highly recommend you export your LinkedIn connections and printing copy of your LinkedIn profile first. You can thank me later. 

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