Friday, August 10, 2012

How and Why You Should Use LinkedIn Events

LinkedIn has a great free tool that allows any LinkedIn user to create and promote personal or business events to your networks. If you haven't used this yet and you or your company holds events such as these,

  • Webinars
  • Open Houses
  • Networking Events
  • Customer Appreciation Day
  • Education Workshops
  • Business Training

you need to start using this immediately.

It's simple to use - FREE - plus gives you the ability to amplify your event by promoting it through social media.

After you're logged into your LinkedIn account, click the "MORE" dropdown then select "EVENTS"

You're now on the Event Home Page. Click on "CREATE AN EVENT"

Follow the step-by-step instructions to enter your event information.  IMPORTANT: FILL IN ALL FIELDS. I use my personal photo if the event is featuring a speaker or presenter. Or use your company logo if it's a company event (Your marketing person will thank you).

Add in additional details describing your event. In this example, I'm creating an event page that I'll use to promote this blog. Select an Industry if it applies to the event. Otherwise, skip that field. IMPORTANT: use the "labels" field like you would meta data, and include keywords and phrases to describe your event and the content. Also include a website where people can learn more about the event, the organization/company, or you. In this example, I'm using my blog address. Use every field. It's free promotion for your event, your company, or you. 

This step is NOT optional, in my opinion. Share your event message with your networks!

I'll tweet it and add in hashtags to describe the event. In this example, my hashtags are #LinkedIn, #EventPromotion, and #EventPlanning. This will help my event to get picked up by fellow Twitter users searching for my keywords.

I also will post on my Facebook page for my friends to read. In this message, I'm giving a shout out to Dana who asked me how to post events on LinkedIn, who was the inspiration for this blog.

That's it! In a few days, Google will have picked up your event and people searching Google will be able to find your event too.

So in just a few minutes, you've created an event that can be promoted FREE across your networks on
LinkedIn (let's connect -
Twitter (follow me
plus, it's publicly searchable on Google.

Happy Event Planning!

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