Tuesday, August 28, 2012

10 LinkedIn Tips for Your Business

10 LinkedIn Tips for Your Business
You’re probably on LinkedIn and using it to gain new connections, but are you tapping into the power of LinkedIn to support your business? Here are 10 simple techniques that you can use on LinkedIn that will help.

1.           Modify your LinkedIn “Headline” to promote your business with a tagline or offer. This “headline” follows you around LinkedIn.
Modify your LinkedIn "Headline" to promote your business.

2.           Search your business name or product keywords using “SIGNAL” http://www.linkedin.com/signal/
Use LinkedIn Signal to search for keywords, company mentions, and more.

3.          Add Your Company Profile on LinkedIn (FREE!). Include video, contact person, product/services, recommendations from clients, and post company updates. People can “Follow” your company updates.
Add your Company Profile onto LinkedIn - free!

4.           Personalize EVERY invitation to connect. Include a frame of reference and explain why you wish to connect.

5.           Check out your competition: profiles, company pages, signal. Let them inspire you.

6.           In “ANSWERS,” answer questions and AIM LOW. Demonstrate your expertise.

7.           Add a professional photo (head and shoulders) to your profile. Be confident.

8.           Post Company Events (FREE). Reach business professionals on LinkedIn.

9.           Use all 3 Websites on Your Profile – but select “OTHER” and rename them with specific description.
Ex: Not “BLOG” but instead select “Other” and type: “Marketing Tips”
Ex: Not “Company Website” but instead select “Other” and type: “Walsh College”

10.       Be a Lifelong Learner: check out and follow connections’ reading lists for recommended books.

Presented on Tuesday, August 28, 2012 at the Grosse Pointe Inforum Affinity Group
Brenda Meller is an Inforum member, co-leader of the Inforum Troy Networking Group, and Director of Marketing Manager for Walsh College. She frequently speaks on Social Media through the Walsh College webinar series. Join upcoming LinkedIn 101 and 201 for Business Professionals webinars (free) at www.walshcollege.edu/Webinars.

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