Saturday, April 9, 2016

Become More Tech Savvy Using LinkedIn

Writing this blog in response to an inquiry I received from a network connection who has a friend seeking to make a career change. Originally posted at

If you know me, I’m a huge advocate of LinkedIn for career and professional networking. Back in 2008, I used LinkedIn exclusively when I was making a career change. At the time, I was gainfully employed, working full time, with a family, and had no time to spend hours and hours using Monster or HotJobs to look for a new opportunity. Plus, you all recall that 2008 was THE WORST time to consider making a career change if your job was not in jeopardy. My competition was the hundreds and thousands of marketing professionals who had been laid off and could dedicate 40-50+ hours a week searching for a job.
Now? I use LinkedIn more as a working professional than I ever did as a job seeker. Through the years, I have discovered the ever-growing power of social media.
Social Media Karma
I’m a big believer in karma. Social media has been very good to me, so I believe in paying in forward by helping other people. Yes, I sometimes charge for LinkedIn training sessions, but those are few and far between. I mainly deliver LinkedIn training via webinars or in live sessions to non-profit or job seeker groups because I enjoy helping others. I’ve seen many people put these learnings into place which have resulted in career changes, new professional connections, and confidence in their LinkedIn abilities. But it's not because of what I teach them: I see it as unleashing what was there all along.
Want to Become Mech Savvy on Using LinkedIn?
I would highly encourage you to watch this free WebEx recording, which is an overview of how to use LinkedIn. It was delivered by Tracy Morgan of Walsh College Career Services and me this past February. You can find the link on this page:
Also, here is a link to the presentation slides if you'd like to print them off to follow along as you watch the webinar.
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