Saturday, April 9, 2016

LinkedIn Changes...Again (the LinkedIn "Connected" App is being retired)

Have you noticed some of the LinkedIn features you have been using for years have changed? No, you're not crazy and yes you are doing just fine on LinkedIn. They have evolved the platform based on usage patterns and in some aspects to adjust to their business model. 
Hey - if you're like me, you have the basic (free) version of LinkedIn.Losing some features is the price you pay. If you upgrade, rumor has it that you get some additional perks, one of which being you can continue to request introductions to contacts, which us common folk (aka, those using the basic (free) version of LinkedIn) no longer have. 
Here is a post from a user facing the issue of "Requesting an Introduction", and the community response: 
In addition, I received an email yesterday from LinkedIn stating they are planning to retire the LinkedIn Connected App on March 21. 
Boo! This was a slick app that helped me stay in touch with my connections. They have indicated you can see all these updates (job changes, etc.) in the "My Network" tab of the LinkedIn app. But, it's not the same. 
Ah, well. In this case, as is in many cases of LinkedIn changes, I've learned to roll with the changes. After all, there is no need to get upset when someone moves your cheese. It's their cheese. And they will move it again. Instead, I'll focus on the many positive features of LinkedIn that are helping me, and I'll continually be open to updates as they are rolled out on LinkedIn. 

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